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Welcome to Lui Yeung Acupuncture! My 'epiphany' to become an acupuncturist came whilst I was receiving the benefits of Chinese Medicine to support my fertility and pregnancy. I sincerely do not believe that my son would be here now if it were not for the amazing support of acupuncture.


Having experienced first-hand the healing properties of acupuncture, I decided to return to university to study a BSc degree in Chinese Medicine after a busy ten year career in business consultancy in London. The thing I love most about my job is connecting with people and helping to improve their quality of life, both mentally and physically.


My approach to Chinese medicine is pragmatic and person-centred, I aim to demystify Chinese Medicine and try to explain everything that I am doing. If you are scared of needles, drop me a line and we can proceed together very slowly, even without needles!


I look forward to hearing from you! Lui

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