Lui Yeung Acupuncture Testimonials


MS, South London

We couldn't thank Lui enough - for her help, her amazing energy and support. Both my husband and i started acupuncture with Lui after a failed IVF cycle and after a few months we were pregnant :). I highly recommend Lui to all couples who are struggling to conceive.
What's more, my mum is now seeing Lui for her migraine! This woman is a true healer! Thank you, Lui!


JS, London

"I cannot recommend Lui highly enough, both for her considerable skills and knowledge in TCM and all aspects of fertility, but for her warmth and positivity which made almost as much of an impact on me when I was going through a difficult time trying to conceive. I met Lui when I was having trouble getting pregnant following a miscarriage and two operations to remove a large fibroid. I have a busy job and was feeling exhausted, stressed and extremely anxious about whether I would ever have a child and what I might have to go through in order to do so. My weekly acupuncture sessions with Lui made a huge difference to both my physical and mental wellbeing as I underwent treatment to help me ovulate. People commented on how much calmer and happier I seemed, and I felt extremely well in myself. My digestion, sleep and energy levels all improved. My cycles - which were very long - became much shorter, partly due to the medication I was taking but I have no doubt also due to acupuncture, as my consultant commented that I had responded exceptionally rapidly to the treatment. Lui also encouraged me to be positive at a time when I felt all I was hearing was negatives about my chances of having a baby, which made an enormous difference to me. Within just a few months I was pregnant and my sessions with Lui helped me cope with the headaches, nausea and insomnia I experienced in the first trimester, alongside the extreme anxiety I felt having lost a pregnancy before. I now have a healthy baby girl and couldn't be more grateful to her. "

 Steve, SE1

"If you want a whole body treatment then visit Lui. I guarantee that you’ll feel better as you walk out of the clinic after spending an hour with her!"

Emma, W1

"I was an acupuncture sceptic until my first session with Lui - I left her bed feeling ever so strange, but in a wonderful way. I kept going back throughout my IVF treatment and ensuing pregnancy: her soothing manner and magic needles kept me calm and grounded during one of the most horrible, stressful times in my life."

 Alex, SW4

"I have been treated by Lui for over a year. She is professional, knowledgeable and a great acupuncturist. I was nervous of needles and she put me immediately at ease. She explains what she is doing and adapts her treatment according to need. I'd have no hesitation in recommending her."

Amanda, E1

 "Lui has been fantastic in helping me coping with stress and emotional distress. I am a much calmer and happier person now thanks to Lui.  She has a holistic approach and listens very carefully to any part of your body and mind to define her treatment. She can refer you as well to other field specialists if she feels they will be able to help you too. She does her best to provide you with the most comprehensive support. I would recommend Lui to everyone!"
Zoe, SW4

 "I've been seeing Lui for about 3 months now and I can't speak highly enough of her therapy. Her friendly approach means the healing sessions are a joy to attend.

Thanks Lui!"

Ken, SW18

 "I have been getting acupuncture from Lui for the past two years. I had never had acupuncture before mainly because I don't like needles but I didn't need to worry as Lui was great. I  have since used Lui for acupuncture treatment for various other ailments with very successful results. Give it a try it's a wonderful experience."


Voted Top 3 Acupuncturists in Newbury by Three Best Rated in 2022




Lui Yeung Acupuncture is featured in the Top 13 Acupuncturists in the UK by the Mid Adult.



Practicing in Southbank and Clapham, Chinese-born Lui fuses acupuncture, tui na massage (sort of a pinchy pully massage action that feels way better than it sounds), nutritional therapy and that crucial this-is-all-kind-of-pointless-if you-don’t-change-things-up lifestyle advice.


Lui’s special interests lie in fertility. But she’s also a whizz with stress, anxiety and alleviating pain. ‘Fluent’ in acupuncture, you’ll hear lots of things like ‘You have too much heat today’, ‘Too much damp there’ as well as dietary solutions to get you back in balance. Her intuition merges with academic rigour, as she keeps up with all the latest thinking and evidence-based research. And she’s funny, a big bonus when you are discussing things like bowel movements. Even the needle-phobic benefit from her caring approach as she treats them slowly and gently.

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